Sneak Peak at Park Report Results

Ortonville MN Golf Course
Ortonville Golf Course 2015

Have you completed the Ortonville Park Survey – one for every member of the family that uses or is interested in the parks?  If so – THANK YOU!  If not, please do – we would appreciate your input!

We have received 107 surveys – this link will give you a sneak peak at how the results are coming in.  The link is only good for a day – so check it out soon!  🙂

52% responding so far live within the City Limits
30% live 0 to 10 miles from Ortonville

Get involved in local government – your input is needed and appreciated!

Link (expires tomorrow!)


If you have not taken the survey, here is the link to our Survey page:



Take the Park Survey (Please!)


As we start the process of creating a City of Ortonville Park Plan, we are looking for your input.

Input that we receive through this survey will be used in the creation of the City’s Park Plan.

Note:  The Survey does ask for your first and last name.  This information is used to verify that the survey has been completed by a person and that one person has not completed multiple surveys.  Your name will not be included in reports, etc.  We realized that this does not guarantee a 1:1 survey; however, we are hopeful that the  outcome of this survey will provide a solid reflection of what the community would like our Park system to be.  We encourage all family members to individually complete the survey!

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and encourage others to do so as well!

Please Click here to take the survey!


Public Info Post

A post was made on the Ortonville EDA website  on December 21st letting the community know that a process  to create an Ortonville Park Plan had begun.  The post provided a link to this website so that the community could bookmark the site and follow along on the process.  We also shared the blog post link on the Ortonville Community Development Facebook page along with the MNbump Facebook page.  (That blog post was viewed 118 times on the 21st and 114 times on December 22nd –  great to see the post is reaching the public & that there is interest!).  We’ve received confirmation from a couple of people that they would like to be part of the process, and we also received a binder filled with information that had been compiled by Diane Dorry during her years on Ortonville’s Park Board – which is very helpful during our current process of updating the Park Blog with the basic historical information.

Ortonville EDA Blog Post – Link/Click here

Facebook – EDA postLink/Click here

Facebook – MNbump postLink/Click here