Dog Park is Coming to Ortonville!

(photo credit:  Dustin Roggenbuck)

Although the meeting notes will be posted later, there are a couple of highlights that we’d like to share!

Many of you are aware that a group has been raising money over the past two years to help with the construction of a dog park in Ortonville – and they have raised $6,000 to help with this project!  Dustin Roggenbuck was at the Park Board/Park Work Group meeting last night and shared an update.  Over and above the funds raised, there are others that have committed to assisting with their time and equipment.  Hasslen Construction has already assisted by surveying the area for the Dog Park which Dustin described as the land west (behind) Hartman’s Super Valu  and next to the bike trail.  Dustin has been working with the City to arrange a location, obtaining access to water and electricity to this location.  The City has to set up temporary power at the foot of the lake each year for Cornfest (well, they don’t have to – however, this is one of the ways that the City helps out with this Chamber event in our community) and now with the expanding activities at the south end of Big Stone Lake such as Lake Days and the Dog Park, the City is looking into constructing a permanent electrical hub.  Dustin has also been talking with Suzanne Souza on ways that the Big Stone County 4-H can get involved with the Dog Park – one of which will be by designing an obstacle course.  (another awesome example of 4-H youth at work within our communities!)

A group of community advocates raising funds – finding partnership opportunities with the City and the Big Stone County 4-H – makes for a great project foundation!!

Brian Leaders of the National Park Service attended last night’s meeting to hear what the group has been working on and then provided ideas on how the group can bring together all of the information that has been gathered (through meetings, surveys and from those that have stayed involved by reading the information posted to this website and sending (or calling) in their input) He also shared project ideas that other communities have been and are working on.  Our next steps will be following his suggestions and pulling the Plan together – watch for more information to be posted here!


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