Park Plan First Meeting – Meet the Group! – UPDATED

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We had our first Ortonville Park Plan meeting with Brian Leaders of the National Park Service, Kevin Bencham of South Dakota State University Landscape Architecture, and the students.  In this first meeting, Brian summarized the assistance that is available to Ortonville and Kevin provided an overview of the goals for his students for this project.  The students had traveled to Ortonville in January to explore our town and parks on their own (without a local guide).  The students have since had the freedom to prepare their individual perspectives which is providing six different aspects for the parks and how they tie in with the area around us.  It was very interesting (and inspirational) to hear from students coming into our town for the first time – to see through their eyes what we have here in our part of the world.

♦ The students will continue to work on their individual plans. (we will be posting PDF’s soon with the presentation boards used during this meeting)

♦ John Ball of SDSU will be bringing his students to Ortonville in March to review vegetation resource assessment including tree risk assessment and soils, woody plant inventory including species, size, condition and location plan – GIS; and develop site-specific planting specifications and plant selection.

♦ The Survey Results (116 surveys) were provided to the group for inclusion in the process.  Ryan Sharp of Kansas State Univeristy – Park Management and Conservation along with his students will assist with review of survey data.

♦ Those wishing to provide comments to be considered in the process should send their comments and/or questions to Vicki Oakes at – the information will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.

The first video below provides introductions of those assisting with the Ortonville Park Plan along with an overview of the assistance that we will be receiving.   The second video is the full presentation and discussion video.

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PDF’s of the Student Research Boards shown at the meeting:






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