Sneak Peak at Park Report Results

Ortonville MN Golf Course
Ortonville Golf Course 2015

Have you completed the Ortonville Park Survey – one for every member of the family that uses or is interested in the parks?  If so – THANK YOU!  If not, please do – we would appreciate your input!

We have received 107 surveys – this link will give you a sneak peak at how the results are coming in.  The link is only good for a day – so check it out soon!  🙂

52% responding so far live within the City Limits
30% live 0 to 10 miles from Ortonville

Get involved in local government – your input is needed and appreciated!

Link (expires tomorrow!)


If you have not taken the survey, here is the link to our Survey page:



Take the Park Survey (Please!)


As we start the process of creating a City of Ortonville Park Plan, we are looking for your input.

Input that we receive through this survey will be used in the creation of the City’s Park Plan.

Note:  The Survey does ask for your first and last name.  This information is used to verify that the survey has been completed by a person and that one person has not completed multiple surveys.  Your name will not be included in reports, etc.  We realized that this does not guarantee a 1:1 survey; however, we are hopeful that the  outcome of this survey will provide a solid reflection of what the community would like our Park system to be.  We encourage all family members to individually complete the survey!

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and encourage others to do so as well!

Please Click here to take the survey!