Public Info Post

A post was made on the Ortonville EDA website  on December 21st letting the community know that a process  to create an Ortonville Park Plan had begun.  The post provided a link to this website so that the community could bookmark the site and follow along on the process.  We also shared the blog post link on the Ortonville Community Development Facebook page along with the MNbump Facebook page.  (That blog post was viewed 118 times on the 21st and 114 times on December 22nd –  great to see the post is reaching the public & that there is interest!).  We’ve received confirmation from a couple of people that they would like to be part of the process, and we also received a binder filled with information that had been compiled by Diane Dorry during her years on Ortonville’s Park Board – which is very helpful during our current process of updating the Park Blog with the basic historical information.

Ortonville EDA Blog Post – Link/Click here

Facebook – EDA postLink/Click here

Facebook – MNbump postLink/Click here



Initial Conference Call

Initial Conference Call: — 

John Ball, SDSU/Urban Forestry

Don Burger & Kevin Benham, SDSU, Recreational Facilities

Ryan Sharp, KSU Park Manaement and Conservation

Brian Leaders, National Parks Systems

Vicki Oakes, City of Ortonville

Link to the Conference Call Notes:  Email Initial Conference Call Parks